Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pink, sparkly wine and rose colored glasses

Something wonderful happened last night at our February Networking, Women and Wine event. We lept beyond the whole "I'm Jane and I am a sales rep." dialogue and went headlong into a "here's who I really am, and here's what I hope to learn as I connect with all of you women!"

The pink prosecco was the first giveaway that this wouldn't be just an ordinary Wednesday. Bubbling around the rim, it served as the rose colored lenses we intended to see everything through. There were no borders or judgements. Our theme of learning to love ourself was in every discussion, and as each person shared a struggle or idea, the rest of the group offered insights and solutions that were honest, experience based and encouraging.

Wedged between the French Pinot Noir and the Argentinian Malbec (both were phenomenally tasty and complex and sold for around $16!) we drifted away from the idea of going to an event to GET something and landed securely on the shores of GIVING. I would dare say that as we all departed, we felt more empowered, more balanced and certainly more freer to build our businesses and careers with confidence and imagination, all because we connected on a very authentic level.

When Carmen and I first threw out our intention for 2010 to be a year of balance and to nurture the noble traits of women we hoped it would touch each women in a very personal way. Last night was the expression of those hopes. All who attended and ventured into our realm of safe networking and wine education gained new tools for life, and left behind only the stain of lipstick on the rim of our glasses.

Join us for our March meeting to continue the healing, friendship and celebration!

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