Friday, September 25, 2009

Leaves Do It, Why Can't We?

Okay, let's just get it out there. Change is hard. I don't like it, I don't know anyone who really does. If you're a caterpillar you live for it. If you're a leaf, you have no choice. But us? I don't care how brave you are, it makes my tummy quiver.

We've talked all year with Networking, Women and Wine about living an authentic life. Our themes have revolved around courage, abundance, dreams, vacations, and careers. But before we close out 2009, we have to address the one thing that's been sitting right under our noses all along. CHANGE.

I've been through a few of them. I've moved twice in the last 14 months and plan to move into a our new house next week, so that makes three moves total. Moving is up there on the list of changes that cause a little trauma no I'm going to say I am a semi-expert right now. At least enough to whine about it in our blog.

I know, the noble will tell us we are whiners. That change is the stuff of life. After all, we have whole new bodies every few weeks given the restless nature of our cells and their love of change! And I applaud those who are facing these issues without running to the solitude of a dark closet, or clinging desperately to a teddy bear. But right now I kinds want to feel the whole, itchy, blurry, sour, thing. This happy face I'm trying to maintain is starting to look a little contorted and maybe I need to reach out and be authentic about my distaste for life-altering change!

Recently, as you know we opened our second chapter for Networking, Women and Wine, adding Lake Norman to our list of places for friendship and wine tasting. We would like to report that it was a successful first meeting, generously offering the usual sense of connection, support and laughter. In fact our intention is to spread the energy and nurturing mission of NWW all across the country. Carmen and I are ripe with ideas, and a sense of purpose and renewal in expanding our reach to all of you. But we know it still involves change. You could and can see it in the face of every new attendee that walks through the door for the first time, dons a name tag, clings quietly to the base of the wine glass, and waits to find someone that will say hello.

With all of that said, October's theme will be to embrace that exact experience. We're going to snicker in the face of those brave butterflies, fling our fears into the waiting arms of a pile of orange leaves and find, once again admit that the real courage we need to face all the changes in our lives comes from the female friendships that shore us up.

Join us on October 7th in Lake Norman at CRAVE, or on October 28th in South Charlotte at D'VINE WINE CAFE as we taste wines that symbolize CHANGE. We look forward to meeting you!