Monday, August 29, 2011

4 Stars for SIP AND SAVOUR!

This weekend I visited one of my favorite Thai restaurants in North Carolina. I usually get the Pad Thai or Red Curry or even the whole fish, but this time I ordered Southern Charm fried rice, (yes, the menu does have some fun, regional twists but the food is totally authentic) and it blew my socks off. Moist, flavorful, fresh, and SPICY.

As we each ordered, the waitress asked politely 'how many stars?' Which, if you have eaten Asian food, means she's asking you to tell the chef how "hot" you want your fare. I'm pretty happy with 3 out of 4, and my husband never goes below 4. We know lots of people who think we're crazy for even inviting one star onto their plate, but that's the adventure.

I like it spicy. I like when your tongue is on the edge of begging you to put your spoon down, and your nasal passages are getting a four alarm workout. But as we know, the "heat" is good for us and the tingle is downright fun, so we forge ahead with water and napkin in hand.

The name of this restaurant? Thai Spice in Hendersonville and they know how to do the flavors right. How do I know this? Well, personal opinion aside, I lived in Seattle for 7 years, which is the mecca for good Pacific Rim cuisine. Still, how do I know it's fantastic? I'm also a pretty good cook, and taster, according to friends and the occasional foe alike who usually aren't disappointed in my recommendations. Still not convinced? Well, you will have to take my word for it.

But then, isn't it that way with so many things? We inquire about the excellence of a restaurant, the selection of gifts and clothing at a certain store, the validity of a coupon offer, even the likability of a movie, all by taking the "word" of the person we trust.

So here's my point. Our next event in September is going to be HOT, and it will give you a TINGLE, and the VALUE is INSANELY affordable (only $25 for all the food, all the wine and all the fun!!). So, if you've enjoyed any of our events, or enjoyed our messages, or even thought about attending at least once, or felt like it was time to become a part of Networking, Women and Wine, SIP AND SAVOUR is  THE CAN'T MISS EVENT in Charlotte.

Take my word for it. It will be four alarm fun!!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

The most important thing...

Just a short treatise, on "the most important thing..." to remember today, which is of course YOU.

Now I'm not diminishing anything noble or omniscient, certainly not downgrading love, hope and charity. I'm just sharing the idea that I'm pretty certain that we are the wizards of self deprecation and sorcerers of criticism, and we're putting ourselves at the bottom of the list -- the bottom of every list -- every day.

You were created for a reason. You were!! Do you hear that? All things rest on the amazingness of you, the potential of you, the energy and life-force and beauty of you.

If you needed a nudge or perhaps a large and heavy-handed shove, this is it. REMEMBER the most important thing to care for, to respect, to nurture and to celebrate is the fabulous-ness of YOU.