Wednesday, September 7, 2011

An event that seeks to save our friends!

Who are We?

Your evening has been a pleasure for us to plan. We look forward to meeting you on the 24th!

From top left, clockwise: Camine Pappas, Founder Networking, Women and Wine, Allison Sprock, Allison Sprock Fine Art, Katie Bromley, organizer and beneficiary of Melissa's Voice for the Sip and Savour event, and Lynn Dreyer, founder of Melissa's Voice and creator of the Sip and Savour event which is dedicated to the memory of the sister she lost, Melissa.

Please RSVP to secure your spot on September 24th for our first annual Sip and Savour event! Click here to register now!

The peace of nature, the chaos of us! - WHAT IS BEAUTY?

When the rain ended yesterday afternoon, I opened the doors leading to my deck and breathed in the earthy and herbal scented air. The majesty of nature, her collection of colors and shapes, beautiful and exquisite in the evening light, had renewed me.

But the conscious moment of peace didn't last long. Why? Because soon after, I turned to go inside and finish primping for a dinner party and forgot everything I had just experienced.

As I looked in the mirror at myself, I frowned at a stubborn lock of hair and peered at the gray roots that were beginning to betray my age, shrugged my shoulders as I tried to straighten the bodice of my blouse that was clinging unforgivingly to a middle that was not flat or toned, and pursed my lips in disapproval as I applied one more coat of powder to cover uneven colors on my face. Hmmmph...still not perfect but it would have to do. I walked out of the room pronouncing the reflection I had just seen as a failure.

What are we thinking when after we remark at nature's wisdom, seeing every detail that is before us as perfect and designed with intention and love, to turn on ourselves with such venom and uncaring? Do we not know that we fit into the design of things with the same majesty as the tree that survives the summer storm? To whom are we hurting the most with our self deprecation and personal loathing?

The truth is we are our own worst enemy, struggling to conform to a look and shape that either we can never acheive or never keep, firmly owning an idea of beauty that is neither healthy or sustainable, and those ideals perpetuate and deny us the ability to love life or  love eachother.

Sip and Savour is about two things, finding friends and saving them. It is more than wonderful wine, beautiful and inspiring art, or lots of wonderful food. It's about a group of people that will gather for one night to celebrate how perfect and wonderful and beautiful we ALL are, RIGHT now, RIGHT here, and forever.

We hope you plan on joining us in our mission to help others feel the same.

See you there!
Camine Pappas
Networking, Women and Wine