Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Live Organically, Dream Sustainably, Taste Authenticity with Us!

I'm reading an article in the Atlantic Monthly about a 70 year study of a group of people just out of college, which measures their life in a linear and very in-depth way. The content is rich and worthwhile but the overwhelming conclusion about who enjoys the most happiness, health and longevity was not pivotal on cholesterol, lack of tragedy, success at work or even DNA, if was about relationships. Those people who had friends and developed deep, fulfilling relationships, were the most likely to live the longest and happiest lives.
Not a surprising statistic but really important if you realize that connections may be the key to health. And since living an authentic life is not just a badge but a mission for us, we're constantly looking for ways to help the women around us thrive personally and socially. We're looking to help encourage your dreams, temper your self-criticism and nurture the fabulous things inside you just waiting to flourish in the most natural and fulfilling ways.
All of this brought me around to an idea that seems to be floating parallel to everything in our lives and careers, and that is to move towards a more organic or sustainable way of life in terms of what we consume and how we live and breathe. This seems logical because if you're focusing your life on a more authentic path, it's probably going to be more organic by default. If you're taking a look at what would truly fulfill you and fulfill the needs of those around you, it most likely includes a sustainable solution.
With that in mind, this month our focus will be on organic and sustainably grown wines. There are so many fabulous wineries that follow this discipline that it's fast becoming more of a rule than exception in many regions. However, it's still not mainstream and we're all for uncovering gems. Plus, since we're big on putting metaphors together with wine, June will be the month we ask you to TASTE organic wines and NURTURE your organic self.
Join us Wednesday, June 25th at Vintage Wine Cellar again for wine tasting in Charlotte with Networking, Women and Wine!