Thursday, March 14, 2013

What sus-STAINS me...

I’m beginning to believe that trials have and always will be a normal thing, and we should not gasp when they arrive. We are far too anxious about trying to keep them from happening, as though these transitions are intruders, and not simply the companions of consciousness. Life is not a neat little folded napkin that is meant to display crisp edges, and no stains. It seems to revel in being soiled with the proof of us; messy and colorful and all crumpled randomly. The resulting patterns are the tattoos of mortality, with the ink of wisdom in each prickly dot. 
Networking, Women and Wine invites you to join us on March 27, 2013, at New World Olive Oil in Charlotte, NC. for discussions on Transitions, forgiveness, and how to reconcile the two.