Thursday, October 18, 2012

What does your "Authentic Greeting" sound like?

When my children were little, I ended up having a lot of conversations with teachers, coaches, clergy, in-laws and friends. At one time, one of my friends told me that I had a confident voice. "You have a great Mommy voice." She said, smiling. "I would do whatever you said." And I suppose a definition was born.

What is a Mommy voice? Is it one of confidence? Does it command attention? Fear? Respect? I know that when I spoke I felt confident and sure of myself. I was speaking of what I knew, and understood, because it was an expert at it:  my kids. I didn't falter or flutter, I wasn't formal or hard to understand. I was clear, to the point, and sincere.

This month our program will present a discussion and tools to help you create that very simple and somewhat elusive idea of your own mommy voice, that of your "authentic greeting." It's not the promo paragraph nor your elevator speech -- which is, by the way, not a good visual. How could you garner the trust of someone in an elevator? You're trapped in a small, metal box tethered by a steel cable, where your only means of control is a series of buttons illuminated by a flickering flourescent light? And then you start saying something like, "If I could show you how to earn $3,000 in 30 days, would you be interested?" Gosh. That's not a style I subscribe to. I'm more about saying, "hi!" and getting to know someone long before 'the pitch,' that is so frequently advocated as a first step. By starting out real, I create a way for them get to know me first, which allows them to take the first step and ask the questions about what I do and what I stand for.

Now ask yourself. Do you do really do that every time you meet a potential business connection? Are we really taught how to combine a greeting with self promotion? Do you have a way to talk about yourself without the business blurb getting in the way of making a meaningful connection? Can you be YOU right at the beginning of chance to make a new connection?

We can show you how with just a few simple tips and processes you can master QUICKLY.
Join us, Thursday November 1st, when we gather at Whole Foods' Wine Loft for our next event.

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