Thursday, August 2, 2012

Silencing the Voices That Sabotage

There isn't a day that goes by that we're not in a battle. Like a see-saw, we go from confident and energetic to hesitant and doubtful in the blink of an eye as though there are TWO of us inside. One negative and one calm and confident. The negative voice says things like, "Can I really do all the things I'm dreaming of? Is it just a cruel joke that I can be anything I want? What if I fail, and worse than that, what if there is nothing special for me because I'm not really special?"

Some are only haunted by this self-dialog once in a great while; able to manage the voices with ease, and move forward without defeat. Some can hardly hear the sound of hope ringing out, the noice of despair is so deafening. But know this, we all hear it because we're all human. Is there a way to isolate the voice of our authentic selves? Can we uncover the strength that is already there?

Networking, Women and Wine is in it's 5th Summer. And overall, I have realized something. We talk a lot about being authentic. And finding authentic connections. But we must remove some real and stubborn personal barriers before we can accomplish that. We have told you to be authentic, but have we explored the ways you can remove the obstacles that prevent it? Can you really make "meaningful connections" without it?

To answer that question, come to our August event, on the 22nd, at Cru Wine Bar, at 7:00. We are taking our usual casual conversation, wine tasting and a place to connect at a friendly level, and combining it with a 30 minute, casual forum to discuss and establish what we need to be able to silence the voices that threaten authenticity. 

It's my hope we can delve more deeply into giving you the SKILLS you need to build a foundation of feelings, that WILL will truly make a difference in your life.  It's just a decision to do more than offer you a PLACE to network, because I want to HELP YOU SILENCE the voices that are preventing you from being all you can be.
Won't you join us?

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