Wednesday, May 2, 2012

You get more courage from NATURE

April's tip was simple. You get more courage from nature. I know. You've all heard the adage that everything that ails you can be cured by going outside. (Unless of course you're suffering from allergies. Then going outside will send you to the emergency room - which I suppose is a sick but round-about way to a cure?)

In any event, I do have a point. And it's simple.

First, think about a leaf. In your mind's eye, picture the small and delicate veins that run from the base to the outer edges. We all know it's a networking of nourishment, but it's also a microcosm of the whole tree, yes? In fact it's also a small symbol of the way all organic creatures get nourishment. Whatever is taken from the sun and air is put through these networks and pulled into the tree making each leaf a conduit of life. By the same token, the vast and loamy tendrils of the root system fingers out to get nutrients from the soil and bring it to the tree.

It's quite simple. The reason nature is so valuable to us is that we are all a part of it! We are one organism, working together to share fuel and food, bask in the same sunlight and transport nourishment to all parts of our bodies and the communities we thrive in. That means that all good thing, including courage, are interdependent upon the elegant compounds and design of the small, beautiful and symbolic leaf.

We are all one, we all belong together -- so -- Gather courage from the symbolism of nature. You're never in it alone!

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