Thursday, April 16, 2009

Blending Together to Stand Out!

While watching the history channel this morning, I enjoyed a program about 1968 and it's turbulent and defining moments. Written and hosted by Tom Brokaw, a respected historic journalist, he asserted that one of the catalytic moments in our history occurred when Apollo 8 orbited the moon for the first time. When that happened, we, as humans, had a glimpse of our fragile mother earth from a new perspective. It made us realize that we all share this planet together, and we all share the need to make it whole.
Fast forward 41 years later and I reflect that during our NWW events, energy created from those who have joined us has been very potent with these ideals. I see us, as women, on the cusp of creating a new awareness of how important it is to see connection as the way to survival, and certainly the way to joy, healing and prosperity.How does wine fit into this paradigm?

In the wine industry, April overlaps a continuing time for what is called, "blending." It is when the art of the wine is executed. Different juice is combined, tasted and combined again. Therefore, wine is sometimes a single grape, but also sometimes a blend of many. How appropriate to mix these two ideas for discussion. Success in wine making often comes from understanding that one juice can blend with another and make something spectacular.

That is certainly our premise with NWW. When we blend together we find that each of us can find what's best about all of us. In doing so, our individuality sings with triumph because we can be successful in a way that brings all of humankind together. And those blue skies above us and the green below our feet, celebrate our discovery.Join us April 22nd when our theme is blended wines. For that event, we proudly proclaim, "You Stand Out When You Blend With Us!"

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