Saturday, February 7, 2009

Women Are The Healers

If there is any energy to be focused, it must be from women. We are healers, nurturers and long to bring connections to our world. I see so many of us falling into the open pit of fear. We are letting it consume us and yet the future is not written!! We are fearing something we ourselves can control!
I am hopeful that if we gather as women and borrow each other's strength we can create a fabric of wellness that will blanket us all, awakening others to offer their piece of wisdom to our circle.
As women, we tend to pull ourselves in during times like this. Thinking that if we conserve and protect we will last longer. And yet, as creatures of creativity and beauty, we must take this as a cue to expand all of our senses and possibilities. We must give ourselves a wide berth and think about things that we thought were impossible, and make them possible.
Only when we believe there is something new that has been waiting for the sunlight to grown, will we step away and let the rays touch the earth below our feet so that the ideas can germinate, and we can begin the journey!

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