Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What Networking Women And Wine Is All About!

Another year is behind us and 2009 looms before us with all its potential and mystery. But the only way to know what it will bring lies in understanding the real person that WE are.
In essence, understanding what is truly authentic about our lives, our dreams, our needs and our talents. Putting these things to work will make all the difference in determining what this year and this day will look like.
Networking, Women and Wine was created as a platform to access our unique abilities as women to connect and create solutions, allowing it to germinate in each of us. Our lives are then enriched and our sphere of influence is enlarged.

Why combine wine with this scenario? Wine has become a pseudo-mascot in this endeavor. It is something that satisfies when the authenticity of the fruit, the terroir (the place, soil and growing conditions), and the skill of the winemaker combine to unlock the potential and variations in each vintage -- for that matter, in each sip.
And so it is with women. When we are nurtured, we open up and offer our unique influence for good, blossoming to our fullest potential.
NWW offers networking meetings with wine tasting and wine instruction as well as resources to help you learn about wine. Join us in 2009 and discover the power you already have, by tapping into the authenticity in yourself and your business.

Camine Pappas and Carmen Hunter, Co-Founders, NWW

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