Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Networking, Women and Wine ask: Where are You Headed?

"If you don't change direction, you'll end up where you're headed."
This quote, on first inspection, seems harmless, and yet if we reflect on it further, we can see that even a slight miscalculation will push us way off course. It becomes rather frightening to consider how important the course is and how disastrous the wrong one is when you think about what might happen if you’re on the WRONG track.
If you’re like many of us, you feel you’re spinning and have no time to do any course correction let alone course calculation. That is why you must make sure you know who you are and what you’re known for, and of course how to get that idea across to your customer.
The way to find the course and stay on course is through brand marketing. The idea of brand is nothing new. It represents the emotional label a consumer uses to catalog you in his mind so he can quickly recall what you are and what he gets from you. Whether you’re an accountant or a Realtor®, others are forming opinions and creating shortcuts to describe you as well as determining how to interact with you. Shouldn’t you be in more control of what they’re remembering?
The good news is the more you understand your message and "who you are" in all aspects of your business, the less complicated it becomes to communicate who you are to others and the more time you have to create solutions all your customers will remember and pay for again and again.

Here at NWW, we're all about connection. The one thing that all of us need to help us stay on course and create innovation. In fact, we make our evenings casual on purpose. Without formal tables, a podium or "someone in charge," you become the author of how this evening helps you. Whether you find a new friend, find a solution, or create a doorway for another to find a solution in their business, we’ve accomplished our goal for this evening. The only thing we encourage you to do is talk to everyone and exchange a business card or a greeting with all of them.
Why are we aligning ourselves with wine? First of all, it’s fun. Moreover, the idea of wine is about the fact that it’s personal to each of us. We taste things differently and therefore learn something new with each glass we explore.
We hope that you will find something new to enjoy at each of our functions, and be a part of our next gathering - and bring a friend!
Carmen Hunter, and Camine Pappas

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